The official CNA resume and cover letter guide

Writing your very own CNA Resume can be extremely successful. It's your first impression and to get the job, it needs to be a great one. Follow our proven steps to creating a top CNA Resume, and you will be ahead of your competition in no time. Lear the do's and don'ts to CNA resume writing and ensure your resume is the best.
CNA Tests and Skills Assessment

Becoming a CNA is a wonderful career. But before you start, you need to get certified and sadly, this costs money. But that doesn’t...
Military Scholarship for CNA

The good news is that the US military supports their troops and their Spouse. For those troops who are looking to transition into becoming...
Writing a CNA Cover Letter

Find out how you can verify your CNA license status and discover the different ways that you can renew it, in case it was overdue.

Learn how you can improve your CNA Resume by applying these quick and simple steps. Written by a trusted interviewer in the field, find out what they are looking for and how you can avoid common pitfalls.
New locations means that a CNA must get a new certification

Learn the best way to get your Certified Nursing Assistant Certification and licensure renewed and restored free of cost.
National Heathcareer Association's healthcare certification

Learn how to switch your certified nursing certification to a different state so as to continue practicing as a CNA no matter where you go in the United States.
CNA Skills Test set moving a pateint safely

For your next CNA skill set, make sure you learn how to appropriately transfer a patient from the bed, to the stretcher or gurney. This can be a very dangerous evolution and requires the utmost attention to ensure you minimize injury and risk to you and the patient.
Using a transfer belt sling

In preparation for your CNA Skills test, learn how to appropriately use the Gait-Transfer belt to ambulate your patient. Videos, tips and more.

Find out all the different positions that a patient could be placed in for your CNA practical skills test examination. Discover how, when and why you should place them in a particular position and hear from previous proctors on what they think.
CNA Skills Test set moving a pateint safely

So as to help prepare you for the vaunted CNA Skill Set Test, check out the proper procedures and advice on how to make an occupied bed. Includes videos, instructions and warnings.