Best CNA Practice Tests

Best CNA Practice Tests

Assisting the Elderly is an important part to being a CNA

There is no better tool out there then a professionally made CNA practice tests. They not only provide you with detailed information but also give you vital experience with the CNA exam.  In our experience, it is quite often that you will find many questions in these practice tests to be identical to some of the questions on the official CNA exam.  But again, we have only found this to be true with authentic and professionally made practice tests.

Do to a market desire to pass the CNA exam, there are many illegitimate practice tests out there, of which all claim to be able to help you. In most cases they won’t. Many are written by those who have never taken the test and in many cases, aren’t even apart of the medical world. If you do take one of these so called “tests”, you will only develop a false sense of security due to their easy nature or you will spend extra time reviewing stuff that you won’t find on the official exam.

Furthermore, we found that many practice tests were only copies of other tests. Someone out there, found a bunch of already made tests and just changed the questions around. You could be fouled into paying for something that you already have.

So, to help you find beneficial opportunities, we went through every practice test on the market and have created the below list.

The Official CNA Study Guide

The Official CNA Study Guide has by far the best two CNA practice tests in the industry. Deborah Clark and the Aegis Publishing outdid themselves in putting together a top study guide, 3 excellent tests and the cheapest price on the market.

CNA Exam Cram

The CNA Exam Cram is also a really good study guide and holds 2 sets of top-notch practice tests. However, it took second because it wasn’t as indepth as the Official CNA Study Guide. Ultimately, we recommend buying both the Official CNA Study Guide and the CNA Exam Prep together. Also, we are not affiliated to this book.

CNA Exam Prep

The CNA Exam Prep is a pretty solid study guide, however, when comparing it to the two above, it’s clear that this should only be considered worth buying if you are looking for a et of practice tests. But we at CNA Exam Cram believe you’ll get everything you need out of the two above.

Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam

The Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam is another well made CNA preparation resource, however, it takes 4th for a reason. The material in the middle is a little skimpy. But it does have a great set of CNA Practice Tests, which are nice for those looking for extra practice.


Our Criteria for Selecting the Above CNA Practice Tests

Each and everyone one of our recommendations was created by certified nurses or those currently in the medical field. Their questions have proven to be adequate and well developed. If you happen to find other sources out there with the same questions, it’s most likely because those new sources copied the ones we have recommended.  The following criteria were used in selecting the above:

    • Authenticity: Being CNAs and in one case a previous test proctor, we were able to take the practice tests and verify their authenticity.  In many cases, we found practice tests with incorrect answers or with questions that made absolutely no sense.  It is quite sad how many fake practice tests are out there.
    • Authorship: For anyone to create a beneficial practice test, they must have a medical background and have preferably taken the exam themselves.  In most cases, the author names were pen names and did not exist.  Therefore, it will be hard to trust that which is written by a fake person who doesn’t talk about their credibility in the field.
    • Price vs. Quality: There were many other Practice Tests out there that we absolutely wonderful, however, they commanded a price that was far beyond their worth.  In two cases, we were really impressed with the study guide and following practice test, but they required over $40 each.  We believe that the CNA Exam Cram and the CNA Study guide are almost as good and is half that price.


So go ahead and check out there CNA practice tests and let us know what you think. Below, we have the comment section and please leave constructive comments for others to learn from.  Furthermore, if you have any recommendations or would like us to include other study guides or practice tests, please let us know and our team will check them out.

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