CNA Cover Letter Sample 1

CNA Cover Letter Sample 1

Writing a CNA Cover Letter

A while ago, we created an article on how you can create your very own CNA cover letter.  However, thanks to your comments and emails, we realized that it would help you even further if we supplied an example CNA cover letter and give tips on how you can make it more unique.  So, to ensure we provided you with the best in samples, we contacted John Rodgers, the author of the Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter manual and asked him if we could use one of his.  Thanks to his generosity–and request for a mention — we have now added a section of his book here for your viewing pleasure.  If you would like more sample CNA cover letters that are already pre-formatted, then we recommend purchasing his book on Amazon.  It’s a real steal at its already low price.
Also, if you haven’t read our article on how to create a CNA Cover Letter, you should start there. It will help to explain the format and give you professional level CNA tips that will help you to build the perfect content.

Let’s Begin

Remember that the first paragraph is the most important. According to, most interviewers only read the first paragraph and the last. Based on the first paragraph, they usually make their decision of whether or not they will finish reading the cover letter or just move on.

Below is an example CNA cover letter. Although this one has been written by a Certified Nursing Assistant who is new to the field, it can still be useful to the more experienced. As with many of the sample CNA cover letters in John’s book, you will find bolded numbers next to a particular area. These numbers are there to tell you that there is a note below. Each note will explain that particular part and give you recommendations on how you can either improve or personalize that section. So, let’s begin.

CNA Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Smith (*1),

I am attaching this letter to my resume as a means to introduce myself and also express my great enthusiasm and interest in this position(*2). With my five years of experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I have been able to build up a skill set that, I am confident, will serve me admirably at First Healthcare. (*3)

Not only will I be a great asset to your organization and contribute to the excellent service provided by your facility, I believe that there are a lot of new skills and abilities that working for you will help me develop. So I write to you as a potential candidate who is greatly aware of the fine work your company does including community outreach programs(*4), which help and assist the poorer occupants of the city. This is another reason I am passionate about the position, as it will allow me to be part of a great social service.(*5)

Since you are looking for hardworking and enthusiastic candidates with experience in assisting the elderly(*6), I believe that I am the perfect candidate and offer you my services. Attached is my resume. Please have a look at it and get in touch with me at (insert phone number) or email me at (insert email here)(*7). I look forward to hearing from you.

Jane Doe

CNA Cover Letter Sample Explanation and Instructions

1. Attempt to find out the interviewer’s real name. Most will just write “To Whom it Concerns.” This is both impersonal and therefore shows a lack of real research.

2. Place the title of the position here. You want to show that you have read the position’s description and have written a unique cover letter.

3. Although this is written with experience, if you don’t have experience, then write something here about a quality or an experience that you think will make you stand out. This should be your strongest quality of them all since this is the first paragraph. In most cases, the interviewer will only read the first paragraph, so this needs to be your best!

4. In this portion, you need to do research and find something the organization is involved in. Have they won an award? Do they have a new project they are starting? Is there a quality or standard that they talk about on their website? If so, then write about that and then in the second part of the sentence give them a reason to believe you will belong in that organization and further help them accomplish or maintain a specific goal.

5. Further their belief that you are already aligned with their vision and would be a great addition.

6. Every job description will have certain qualities that they are looking for. Insert those here, and then finish the sentence with an explanation as to why you already have those qualities.

7. Make sure your email is professional. Sadly, many of us have an unprofessional email address. If you email is not professional enough, it is very easy to create a free Gmail address and have it redirect to your personal account.

Remember that this CNA Cover Letter Sample is more geared towards those with experience; however, it can still be used by those with experience. Just make sure to change a couple of sentences. The next CNA cover letter example was specifically designed for those who are new and recently qualified. Check it out.

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We hope you enjoyed this example.  Unlike others online, we figured it would be best to help describe each section and give you recommendations on how you could personalize your own.  Again, we want to thank John Rodgers for allowing us to use a section of his book in the creation of this sample.  If you have any comments or recommendations, message us below.

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