CNA Cover Letter Sample 2

CNA Cover Letter Sample 2

Writing a CNA Cover Letter

This CNA Cover Letter example is more appropriate for those who have recently certified as a CNA and are looking for their first professional employment. Although you can alter some of the text in order to create a more experienced version, this only serves as a way to highlight your potential and not focus on your experience.

If you haven’t seen our article on how to build a CNA Cover Letter, we suggest you read that first since it will make sense of our side notes. Then come back and check out our sample.

CNA Cover Letter Example

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I have recently come upon your ad for a certified nursing assistant position at Vibrant and am extremely interested in securing the position.(*1) I have recently certified as a nursing assistant but have experience as an intern at First Healthcare.(*2) After receiving top marks in my class and proving to First Healthcare that I am fully capable, I am looking to move on and develop my skills as a nursing assistant.(*3) After reading your job description, I feel that your company is the perfect place to do so.

Having had exposure to the duties and the expectations that a nursing assistance has, I have found myself drawn in to the profession and that I have the passion and enthusiasm to excel in it. Your facilities and staff are known for their hands on approach and for their ability to mold new recruits to become leaders in the field. As an aspirant, I could ask for no better training.(*4)

You will find my resume attached and in it the fact that I give my all in everything I attempt and will do so in this position as well. I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can schedule an interview soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact me anytime.(*5)

Yours Sincerely,
John Doe

CNA Cover Letter Example Explanations and Instructions

1. Ensure you use the specific job title and the name of the company.

2. Ensure you use the name of the company that you interned. If you didn’t have an official internship, because you need Practical experience to get your certification, you can use that organization’s name instead. If you have this sentence in your cover letter, you will NEED a letter of recommendation from that organization.

3. This is the opportunity to make a statement that makes you look as though you are the best of the newly qualified CNAs. This can include being #1 in your class, having the top CNA Test scores, or something a little more vague in case you are not one of these two. The example in the above CNA cover letter is vague but implies you are the best.

4. Do your research and find out what they, as an organization, excel in or strive for. You can find this by looking at that organization’s “about us” page. Or do a Google search and see what comes up that isn’t on their main page.

5. When giving your contact information, there are two trains of thought. One is that you put it in the content, or the other is put it in your address. Some feel that it will get lost in the content. Therefore, this CNA cover letter sample doesn’t put it in the content. Instead, you would want to put it below your name/sincerely portion, or in your address on the top. See our article on how to create a CNA Cover Letter and specifically look at the paragraph about the formatting.

Remember that this sample is more geared towards inexperienced CNAs, however, that doesn’t mean it won’t have use for those who have been a CNA. Just remember that no matter which sample you follow, that you always make sound personalized and not generic.
The next CNA cover letter example is a really good mix of those with a strong background or those who have key bullets that they feel should be included so as to make them stand out. So make sure to check it out!

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