How to Write a CNA Cover Letter

How to Write a CNA Cover Letter

Writing a CNA Cover Letter

Writing a CNA Cover LetterA typical job can call for a typical Cover Letter, but a CNA Cover Letter can be so much more. Because of the nature of the job, the qualification process and the different environments in which you can work, it is very important that you understand what you can do to make your Cover Letter more specific to the job of a CNA. In the following article, we will discuss the importance of a cover letter, what it should portray, how to do research for your cover letter, CNA content that should be covered, and tips to help you stand out above your CNA peers or competitors. Finally, at the bottom, you will find a link to a CNA Cover Letter sample which will include instructions and tips on how to improve and construct your own. You can either copy and paste or personalize it. Either way, after reading this article and the subsequent CNA cover letter sample, you should be more than prepared to write or use a professionally made cover letter and get the CNA job of your dreams.

CNA Cover Letters VS  CNA Resumes

While a resume is a record of your professional qualifications and experience, a cover letter is a place to let your personality shine through and connect with your potential employer. It should serve as a direct expression to the recruiter, which aims to convince them that you are the best person for the job. This means that you have to eloquently show that you are qualified for the job and are dedicated. While a resume needs minor tweaking for each position, a cover letter must absolutely be unique for each job posting because it is a direct piece of correspondence between you and the particular recruiter. It must read as though you are specifically writing to them and not just writing a generic cover letter that you hand out to everyone. It should build upon a connection, show that you understand the job at hand, and impress upon them why you are the perfect person for that particular job. So, when you begin the task of creating your CNA Cover Letter, you should make sure to follow our CNA specific advice and perform the following recommendations.

What to do Before Writing Your Cover Letter

It is important that you have a fully formatted cover letter. A cover letter shouldn’t just be some Microsoft Word document that you threw together.
You should absolutely find a professional template in which to use. Microsoft Office does offer some free templates in which you can use, but it is best that use a professionally made cover letter template. You can find some online. Just type in a google search “CNA Cover Letter Sample” or “Microsoft Office Cover Letter Template.

Do Your Research

Before you start writing your introductory letter for the potential job, you need to do some research so as to be able to add job-specific information in your cover letter. Remember that your cover letter needs to be unique for each posting, and there is nothing better than adding data that tailors to the specific needs of that company. Therefore, to write a top-notch CNA Cover Letter you must include the following pieces of information.

  • A. What are the current trends in the CNA market: This will allow you to make sure your cover letter fits the current expectations that a recruiter may have. You can also use it to set yourself apart by delivering a letter that goes above and beyond the common trend.
  • B. Find out everything you can about the company or type of work: Make it clear that you have read up on the history, goals, and missions of the company and their current projects. Be mindful that a hospital, nursing home, or clinic, will have different challenges and needs at a specific position. So make sure to reflect this and understand it prior to writing your cover letter. This will show the recruiter your level of dedication to the profession and your overall enthusiasm for the respective position. However, make sure your information is current, as any inaccuracies here will negate any advantages of doing the research.
  • C. Find out everything you can about the recruiter: When writing the cover letter, addressing it by name to the recruiter instead of a generic Sir or Madam will make a great deal of difference. It will, again, show that you went through the effort of doing your research before you sent in your cover letter. It will also help to make your cover letter feel more human and connected with the recruiter. If you have the ability, it could really help to try to find out some of the recruiter’s preferences. So, if you have a connection inside the company or hospital, utilize it so that you can craft the letter to emphasize particular skills they might be prioritizing.

What to Put in Your CNA specific Cover Letter

Once you have these pieces of information, it is time to start thinking about what to include in your letter. Remember to be concise and clear on each point. Every sentence and every word should have worth and depth. You want to minimize any excess so as to articulate your point to the recruiter. When creating your CNA specific cover letter, make sure you perform the following:

    • 1.  Include relevant skills and talk about the experience you have had that is most similar to the position. Your research should help you with what is “relevant” and pertains to the job at hand. Exclude any skills or positions that are not relevant; you can always include these in your resume if you have space but a cover letter should be short and to the point. So, do not include your time at McDonald’s, unless this specific job has something about food service in it.
    • 2.  Include a bit about your personal life but relate it to your professional life if possible. The cover letter is the place to explain your background, both professional and personal so that the recruiter can form a more complete picture of you as a person. If you are applying for a resident’s home, include something about how much you love the elderly because of your grandparents. This sort of situation would warrant including a personal sentence about their time in the residents home and how this motivated you to become a CNA.
    • 3.  Make sure that you show your passion and enthusiasm for your position. Be genuine as this will really show and do your best to convey that you would love to work for the company. However, you need to strike a balance and not sound like you are groveling. So, keep in mind that you are a valuable asset and there will always be other positions if this one does not work out.

CNA Cover Letter Tips

Now that you have the overall basic structure of your CNA cover letter, you should ensure that you haven’t made any career-killing mistakes. The following tips should help you to further improve your cover letter and make sure that you do not make any mistakes that may jeopardize your chance at the job.

  • 1.  Try to relate your work experience and skills to projects that you have found that the company is involved in at the moment. Also, link them to the position that you are applying for. This will make it easy for the recruiter to imagine you working for them and once they can do that, they will be very willing to call you in.
  • 2.  Separate it from your resume and try to ensure they do not overlap too much. You have two different sources to project your capabilities. You don’t want it to be two sources saying the same thing.
  • 3.  Do not make it too long. Ensure it is to the point and concise. No more than one page should be used.
  • 4.  Make no formatting, spelling and grammar errors. Stick to just ONE font and font size.
  • 5.  Send a cover letter even if you are not asked to. This will add a personal touch and show the recruiter the effort you are willing to make in order to get the job. It’s all about separating you from your competition.

CNA Cover Letter Sample

Now that you have an understanding of what a CNA Cover Letter should consist of and how it should be written, you should check out our professionally created cover letter sample. It is not formatted, however, its content employs the tactics discussed above and include instructions on how to personalize and improve it so as to suit your needs. It should serve as a great tool in order to understand CNA cover letter content or you can just copy it and use it for your own letter:

CNA Cover Letter Sample 1


A good cover letter for a CNA can make all the difference. It will serve to set you up as a real person instead of just being another applicant. Use your cover letter to introduce yourself to the recruiter and when you are called in for an interview, they will already be familiar with your basic background, so that when you get to the interview, all you need to do is close the deal and ensure that you emphasize the skills and qualities that the recruiter already attributes to you.

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