CNA Practice Test Authenticity

CNA Practice Test Authenticity

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If you have searched the internet for CNA practice tests, then you have probably found a wide variety of sites that claim to provide you with practice exams. In most cases, they have no such thing or are just riddled with incorrect information. It’s a terrible situation but most CNA websites are actually written by those who aren’t Certified Nursing Assistants or even apart of the medical world.

In many cases, you will also find that the writer probably speaks English as a second language. So, can you really trust a practice test written by an unqualified person with no background in the field? Do remember that one of the biggest reasons for taking a CNA Practice Test is to assess your level and improve the areas you are weak on.

Therefore, to help you distinguish a good CNA practice exam from a fake or imposter writer, we have developed 4 recommendations to help you verify the authenticity of the source. While we hope that our website provides enough information so that you do not need to risk you studies with another site, we understand that the more information the better.

1. Is there an About The Author?

A good majority of the so-called “CNA expert” sites will neglect to talk about the author or who they are as an organization. If you were a CNA or an authority in the medical world, wouldn’t you want to ensure your readers know that?

However, if you are not an authority or not even qualified, you will probably want to just skip over that information and hope your reader doesn’t know better. So, before you ever trust your career or your future on some kind of information, make sure that the author knows what they are talking about. Most importantly, make sure they are real people without some alternative motive to creating the site.

2. Does the Web page have Contact Information

If the writer is not from the United States, as most aren’t, you will find that there will not be an address to check. Furthermore, they won’t even put a contact form up so that you can communicate with them.

We at the CNA Exam Cram have a devoted staff that will ensure that any questions you have will be answered promptly. And if for some reason we can’t answer your question, we will actively search out the answer or put you in contact with someone who can. Then, once we have the answer, we will post it here for others to read and learn.

So don’t ever hesitate to contact us because we love talking about the CNA field and all the rich resources out there to not only get your certified, but also help you take those next steps up in the medical field, if you ever chose to do so.

3. Do They Give You Explanations?

A sure sign that they don’t know what they are talking about, is if their CNA practice test questions do not have an explanation. It is very easy to go through the internet and just copy all the questions you find. However, to explain why an answer is the way it is takes real knowledge. Most of these want-to-be CNA sites won’t take the time to do such and will just gloss over the information. Sure you will get a grade at the end, however, if you still have a question on one of the questions, you will be out of luck.

So, a way to ensure the exam has been written by an expert is to find ones with explanations in the answer key. It takes a lot of time and thought to create such an exam, so this should be a great indication as to whether or not you can trust the source.

4. What form of the CNA Exam do They Use?

As you probably know, there isn’t one “almighty” CNA exam that covers them all. Because a Nursing Assistant’s certification process is recorded by the state, each state will administer their own version of the test. However, the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program created a test that has been accepted by more than half of the United States.

We have found that most of the so-called “CNA Practice Test” sites only reuse the free NNAAP practice test found on their official website. However, the so-called sites don’t understand what the NNAAP is and how this affects an individual in their desire to become certified.

Therefore check to make sure they provide information about what their tests is, what sources they used to create the exam and its applicability.

We at the CNA Exam Cram use the NNAAP format because it is the most widely used and accepted exam in the US. While you might reside in a state that doesn’t except the NNAAP exam, you can still benefit from this exam. We have found from previous test takers that there really isn’t a difference between the tests. Someone who completed NNAAP exam, should be able to immediate take a test in another state and do just as well. Furthermore, we believe that they layout the NNAAP CNA exam is better structured and will provide a better experience for those preparing for the test.

From Here on Out

We hope that our website is able to provide you with exactly what you need to adequately prepare for the CNA test, however, if you need more, be sure to verify the writer and ensure they are actually qualified. Use the above steps and you should be just fine. Also, check our resources page. We have included a list of the top CNA resources out there. Each one has been tested by our staff and has been checked to be authentic. So check them out.

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