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CNA Pretest


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100%-85% This is a superb score showing your ability to do well on this basic practice test. However, you'll want to make sure you have a good grasp of every test section and its contents to maintain this level of achievement during the real CNA Exam 70% - 84% This score range shows you definitely have some knowledge, but also have some gaps to work on. Spending time with more in-depth practice material is a great way to improve on this score range. 55% - 69% While you have some ability to answer these types of questions, you have major gaps in your knowledge which absolutely must be addressed before taking the real test. <55% It's imperative you study and practice as much as possible before the real test. This score range shows a lot of room for improvement, so identifying which areas need the most work is crucial.


The Complete CNA Study Guide

The most useful CNA study guide on the market by a distance. This is the best way to cover both knowledge and practical skills which you need to know for your real CNA test. The information is comprehensive and explained excellently. The practice tests allow you to identify any gaps in your knowledge and make real, tangible improvements ahead of test day itself.

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Recommendations on How to Start Your CNA Test Preparations

Congratulations on taking the CNA Pretest. Now that you have been given your scores and corresponding categorical scores, you can now develop a study plan to help get you ready for the official CNA exam.

However, no matter how good your notes are or your classes were, nothing beats the power of a great study guide. Full of test secrets, formats, and structured reviews, a professionally made CNA Study Guide can easily improve your overall score.

Here is a list of the top 4 CNA Study Guides on the market. We have purchased everyone out there, but believe that you don’t have to spend all that money to get what you need. Take our advice, set yourself up for success and save some money:

#1. The Official CNA Study Guide

The Official CNA Study Guide our #1 favorite out of the other study guides due to its cheap price, and availability in both ebook and printed book format.

It not only has the best study material and has two of the best practice tests in the market but also best represents the NNAAP standard CNA Exam as well – which many don’t.  You can’t go wrong with this study guide and we recommend it as a “must.”

You can check it out here.

#2. CNA Exam Cram

The CNA Exam Cram is the oldest of the bunch, but with over 150 reviews, it’s easy to see why it has been the favorite for all those years.

Although it does need some updating to reflect new changes, it is a solid book to help you get prepared for the CNA Exam in no time.  Also, there is not question that this book was written by CNA’s.  Unlike many others on Amazon, you can tell that this one and the Official CNA Study Guide are both top-notch.

You can check it out here.

#3. Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam

The Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam is an adequate study guide that provides enough information and has good enough practice tests that it is worth mentioning.

However, you would be better off with the study guides listed above and this should only be considered if you bought the other three and still feel as though you need more practice. It’s well constructed but doesn’t have as extensive of a practice test/pretest, nor does it offer much for added professional help.

You can check it out here.

The Free CNA Practice Test ~ Free

Free CNA Practice Test exam

The Free CNA Practice Test, was created by our very own CNA Exam Cram Team and we feel as though it is the most comprehensive free online Practice Test that you will find. We believe you should use this test as a final way of deciding if you are prepared for the CNA exam or not.  We designed it to be a little harder than the CNA exam, but still, have pertinent information that you should know.  So give it a try when you are ready.

As you can see, there are many different types of CNA Study Guides out there. Some focus more on the presentation of the information, showing you ways to organize the subjects while others focus on giving you more practice in taking the test itself. But no matter which one you choose, there is no better alternative to a professionally made CNA Study Guide.

How Our CNA Pretest was Constructed

Before anyone can start preparing for an exam, they must first figure out where to allocate their time and effort. Some people are better suited to certain categories while also struggling with others. The important part is that you allocate the right resources to those areas that need it. Therefore, in order to develop an efficient and effective study plan, you must first understand your current status.

To aid you in this, we created our CNA Pretest. The pretest is shorter than a full practice test, but the test questions are equally divided into 9 specific categories in the CNA field. Just like the NNAAP, we strongly advise that prospective test takers compare their individual categorical scores to each other.

The Purpose of the Pretest

Based on this structure, you the pretest taker can discover which category or subject you need to spend more time on.

What Do Your Scores Mean

Your complete pretest score isn’t as important as your individual categorical scores. The point of the pretest was to quickly assess where you need to focus more. Based on how you did in each category, you can decide on how you want to allocate your time as you prepare for the CNA exam. The key to success in your preparations is your plan. There is so much information that you need to cover, that if you don’t plan correctly then you will either miss areas of interest or not cover all the necessary material.