CNA Sample Resume 2

CNA Sample Resume 2


Hopefully you have read our article on how to write a CNA Resume. This next Sample CNA Resume is different from the last one. The previous CNA Resume was written by someone who just certified and doesn’t have a lot of work experience. However, this one has been written by someone who has over 7 years of experience and a multitude of qualifications. Because this person has years of experience, their resume will be structured differently so as to highlight their experience.

How our CNA Resume Samples Work

Below this section is an unformatted CNA Resume Sample. It only holds the content, however, notice that next to certain parts you will see a bold number. These numbers correspond to points below the unformatted CNA resume sample, which discusses certain aspects and serve as a teaching tool that you can use to personalize the resume or even improve it.

However, if you just want to access a formatted version of the one below and want to just add your own information to it, then you can download our formatted version here.

Unformatted CNA Resume Sample 2

Professional Summary (*1)
CNA with 7+ years of experience. Looking to make a change to better utilize my skills and knowledge. Extremely able and passionate about helping patients. (*2)

CNA License- New Jersey Department of Health Certification
CPR Certification

Skill Highlights (*3)
Charting expertise
Understands mobility assistance needs
Understands medical procedures
Trained in grooming and bathing assistance
Respiratory equipment training
Documentation procedures expert
Trained in catheter change and preparation
Calm and level-headed under duress

Professional Experience
February 2010
Samaritan Healthcare Example, EX
Senior CNA
Observed and documented patient status and reported patient complaints to the case manager.
Completed and submitted clinical documentation in accordance with agency guidelines. (*4)
Support duties for diagnostic and technical treatment procedures, such as setting up and operating special medical equipment and apparatus.
Kept facility stocked with necessary supplies, equipment and instruments.

December 2007 to December 2009
Sawhill Example, EX
Junior CNA
Read and recorded temperature, pulse and respiration. (*5)
Prepared patient rooms prior to their arrival.
Collected urine and fecal samples.
Assisted with adequate nutrition and fluid intake.
Planned, prepared and served meals and snacks according to prescribed diets.

Education and Training
2008 Example State,
Bachelor of Science Biology
Minor in History
Coursework in Human Services

Coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Health Assessments

CNA Sample Resume Explanations and Instructions

1. Because this person has years of experience, they should immediately point this out.

2. This was an excellent idea by the writer to include their reason why they are looking for another job. Any time a recruiter sees someone who is switching to a new job, they will immediately wonder why? Addressing this immediately helps to dissuade any possible negative notions.

3. Within this whole resume, this is probably the weakest part. Each one of these skills should have a deliverable. For example: Instead of saying “charting expertise” you could go on to say, “charting expertise due to managing over 50 patients at a time.” This deliverable helps to give credence to your claim.

4. Attempt to make this section coincide with the demands that are placed in the job description.

5. This sentence is very weak and won’t help. As a CNA, you must know how to measure a pulse and such. Don’t waste the recruiters time with typical every day activities. Take that space in your resume, and discuss something that might be unusual or display that you are capable of more than just being an average CNA.

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