CNA Sample Resume 3

CNA Sample Resume 3


Hopefully you have read our article on how to write a CNA Resume. This next sample CNA Resume has been written by someone who has just been qualified and is looking for their first job as a CNA. Although the writer is new, they actually paid a professional company to create this resume. But, we still found some places that they could improve this CNA resume so as to improve their overall outlook in getting the CNA job they want.

How our CNA Resume Samples Work

Below this section is an unformatted CNA Resume Sample. It only holds the content, however, notice that next to certain parts you will see a bold number. These numbers correspond to points below the unformatted CNA resume sample, which discusses certain aspects and serve as a teaching tool that you can use to personalize the resume or even improve it.

However, if you just want to access a formatted version of the one below and want to just add your own information to it, then you can download our formatted version here.

Unformatted CNA Resume Sample 2

Professional Summary(*1)
Hardworking and enthusiastic CNA looking for a new venture to grow with. Passionate, ambitious and detail orientated with an intent to pick up new skills and abilities.

CNA License (*2)
CPR Certification

Skill Highlights
Understands mobility assistance needs (*3)
Able to lift 30 pounds (*4)
Trained in grooming and bathing assistance
Understands medical procedures

Professional Experience
December 2011 to December 2013
Johnson and Wide Medical Example,EX
Intern as CNA (*5)
Observed and documented patient status and reported patient complaints to the case manager.
Promoted personal and co-worker safety.
Promoted continuity of care by accurately and completely communicating to other caregivers the status of patients for which care is provided.
Comforted patients and provided them with reassurance and encouragement.

Education and Training
2012 Example State, Goodtown, EX
Bachelor of Science Medical Sciences
Member of International Students Club (*6)
Coursework in Anatomy

CNA Sample Resume Explanations and Instructions

1. This resume has taken the middle of the road approach. In the first sample resume, the new person skipped the professional summary due to the lack of background. However, this person used it and created a good introduction. This is usually performed by someone with lots of experience, but this still works well.

2. Should state where they are licensed.

3. This section is well written, if this is for a nursing home. You can tell that each one of the qualities presented is geared towards a position in that field. This is why it is important to write your resume in a way that is specific to the job yourself. If this resume were to go to a basic clinic, then you could see how this wouldn’t work.

4. They should explain the “30 pounds” because is some ways, 30 pounds isn’t much. Is this is a dead lift? What type of lift do they mean?

5. I wouldn’t recommend writing “Intern as CNA.” Although you may be an intern, you can write “performed all duties as a CNA while under supervision.” Or you can write this section in a way that is tailored to the job description.

6. This is a nice personal touch, however, it would be better if the personal touch had something to do with the job. If you do something like this, be prepared to talk about it in the interview.

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