CNA Test Day Tips

CNA Test Day Tips

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Hopefully over the past couple of weeks you have spent an adequate amount of time in preparing for the CNA Exam. You have poured over your CNA class notes, talked with other test takers or even read through your CNA textbook and you feel as though you are finally ready to take the official CNA Exam.  If that is the case, then you might be interested to know that there are still some things you can do in order to prepare yourself on the day of the exam.

Most people just assume that the test preparations are just limited to the knowledge factors and data review.  But we, at the CNA Exam Cram, have found that there are multiple other things you can do to actually help your test taking situation and it all begins with you approach 24 hours prior to the test.  No, this doesn’t include all-night exam cramming and knowledge stuffing.  It involves preparing yourself mentally and physically for the rigors of the test.  It requires you to make some changes in your approach to the night before and the day of.

So, to help you take that next step and prepare yourself for the actual CNA test, we have listed our top 3 things you can do to give yourself an extra boost the day of the exam.

1. Ensure you get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a good night’s rest. You should already be prepared and even if you aren’t, those extra hours that you would spend trying to cram extra knowledge in your head, could be better spent in resting. It has been proven that a mind works much better if it has had between 7-9 hours the night before.

Furthermore, if you have taken our CNA Practice Exam, then you have probably noticed that there will be multiple tricky questions and even questions with two right answers. If your body is lagging and your mind is slow, due to fatigue, you will miss these opportunities. So, do yourself a favor and get the appropriate amount of sleep.

If you have troubles sleeping due to the anxiety of the test, then ensure that before you try to go to sleep, you do something relaxing that doesn’t involve CNA studies like reading a fun book, watching a movie or going for a walk. If this doesn’t work, then an old remedy is to drink warm milk. Either way, you need to slow down and get your mind off the test. That way you can go to bed at a reasonable hour and get the necessary sleep.

2. Eat a Great Breakfast

A good healthy breakfast can go a long way in getting you prepared for the exam. An empty stomach can hinder you in two ways. First, if you are still hungry, the hunger pains will become a distraction and cause you to lose focus. Furthermore, a good breakfast will help give you the energy you need to continue through the test. If you lower your metabolism by not eating the most important meal of the day, your body will feel slow and sluggish.

When you choose your breakfast meal, be sure to choose a balanced diet full of protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Try to stay away from greasy or spicy food, since these can cause you to sometimes have stomach pains.

Furthermore, refrain from drinking coffee. I know this is asking a lot for some of you, but, coffee can be one of the worse choices you could make. Hopefully you got enough sleep the night before and built up a strong metabolism with your breakfast, so there should be no need for coffee. While the caffeine in coffee will give you a buzz, it will also wear off at some point while you are taking the exam and you will start to feel what is called caffeine withdraw. Furthermore, coffee will make you need to go the bathroom more often, thus causing more distractions and exam disruption.

If you need a source of energy, a banana is a wonderful source. Not only does it provide useful electrolytes and energy, it is also known as the “brain food” proving that is actually boosts brain function. So skip the coffee and grab a banana.

3. Show Up Early

Make sure to show up early. Leave your house with enough time to account for traffic, forgotten documents or just getting lost. You do not want to be the person that arrives late and is frazzled and worried because you almost missed the test. That is a terrible way to start your CNA exam. Also, most exams costs money to take and if you miss it because you were late, there is no refund.  Therefore, make sure to leave with enough time so that you aren’t in this sort of situation.

Also, by getting there early, you can check the testing room and select your desk. When choosing your desk or where you are going to take your exam, make sure to choose a seat that is away from the window, or anything that could potentially make noises like vents and AC/heaters. These can produce  distractions and cause you to lose focus while take the test. Furthermore, check to make sure your seat is even and doesn’t rock or make squeaky noises. You would be surprised how much that sort of thing will weigh on your mind when you are in a quiet room trying to take a test that will affect the rest of the your life.

The Day of the CNA Examination

On the day of your CNA exam, make sure to follow these steps. You would be surprised how many people do not take these steps and discover the pain that comes from it.   They are very easy but can have such a large impact on your success.  Therefore, take the make and follow these recommendations.  You will be setting yourself and you body up for success and thus help your previous studies and preparations by giving your body what it needs.

If you are still worried, don’t forget to take our free CNA Practice Tests and use our results and weigh to ease your mind about your upcoming exam.

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