How to Use a CNA Study Guide Appropriately

How to Use a CNA Study Guide Appropriately

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An exam Study Guides can only help you if you use them correctly.  They were not designed to just feed you the answers, but instead help to create a framework in order to organize your studies, and give you a means in which to gauge your level.  Therefore, you need to combine a study guide with your class notes, reference books and other resources.  If you need more resources, be sure to check out our CNA resources page.  It will fill you in on other pertinent sources of information that will help you with your Study Guide.  Once you have all the necessary tools though, make sure to do the following so as to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness with a CNA Study Guide:

  • Allocate Appropriate Time:  If you are purchasing a study guide the night before the exam, then it is already too late.  Study guides were meant to help you create your own study program and  allow you some insight into a professional’s prospective of the test.  It requires time and effort to adequately use a study guide.  Therefore, make sure you give yourself enough time.
  • Find a Conducive Place to Study: You need to ensure you find a good place with an appropriate environment in order to be able to study effectively and efficiently.  Make sure you select a place with adequate seating, considering you will spend a lot of time sitting and preparing.  Furthermore, find a place that fits your needs.  Some people want absolute silence and others want noise.  Some people just prefer a place with a continuous source of coffee.  But regardless of these recommendations, just find a place that helps you to engage with your studies continuously without interruption.
  • Ensure You Have the Right Tools:  Because the guides provide a framework for which to base your studies, it is important that you have the adequate tools and reference material so as to find the answers and ensure you are studying the right material.  Some parts of the study guides will give you key information,1 but in most cases, they discuss only the broad aspect and require you to look up the information for a more specific answer or understanding.  If you don’t have the right CNA tools, you will not be able to perform this activity.
  • Take Notes and Conduct Research: The best thing you can do is to lookup information.  When you are using a CNA study guide, you should make sure that you research key topics or areas in which you feel you don’t have a good grasp.  Use your reference material, class notes or the internet and continue to conduct research until you feel as though you have mastered the topic.  It is only through this method that you will develop into a strong CNA and pass the CNA exam with flying colors.  Too many prospective test-takers will use the study guide and skip over those areas that they need more work in hoping that they won’t need to know it.  But in most cases, this will only hurt them in the test and in the long run.  So, make sure you provide adequate time so as to be able to research those areas or questions you struggled in.  This process will not only help you with your exam preparations, but also help you in your CNA career.

A study guide is only as good as the time and effort you put into it.  They should not be quick reads but instead give your the framework to build your study program.  They should have good information, prospective and a means to gauge your currently level.  So use them wisely.

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