How You Can Improve Your CNA Resume

How You Can Improve Your CNA Resume


CNA ResumeAs someone who has worked in the Nursing Assistant selection process for over 10 years, I have seen a multitude of resumes. I have seen everything from professional to tacky resumes. But regardless of their level, it only takes an interviewer 20 seconds to see whether or not a resume is worth their time.

To help you get your chance at a good look, we have provided 3 things that you can do right now to ensure your CNA resume isn’t a ‘tacky’ one.

Don’t Use a Generic Word Document Resume Template

Working as an interviewer, I have seen them all. A colleague and I used to immediately separate the free “Word” resume from those that were not. In one case, we actually had over 50% use the same exact template. It was hard to actually keep track of each one considering that they all looked the same. And it is for that reason alone that you should seek to make your resume stick out by using a unique template. It immediately shows the interviewer that you took the time to put together something unique. It also shows that care about your career and are willing to go the extra mile.

Have a Friend Review Your Resume and Cover Letter Before You Submit it

Make sure to have a friend review your material before you submit it. It is even better if this person is a colleague of your and especially if they are a certified nursing assistant. That way they can check to verify that you have enough CNA specific material in there and that you prioritized your skill sets or background well enough.
While it is important that they check to spelling errors or grammar issues, their main reason for checking the CV is to ensure that you have a consistent set of information and that it paints the right picture. Sometimes, if prioritized differently, you can come across in a different light. You might miss the mark and instead promote yourself in a way you don’t’ want to. Having an independent reviewer check your material before sending it in should provide you with a key perspective on what the interviewer will see when they read yours.

Make it Personal

Every CNA resume will discuss the certification process. In most cases, they will discuss the same medical background and skill sets. But what really helps the interviewer to remember you is when you leave a personal touch. I’m not saying you should talk about your dog fluffy or that you can say the alphabet backgrounds. What I mean is that you should find ways to creatively discuss something different about yourself. For example, a couple years ago I was looking for another CNA to fill the a nursing home position. At that time, I received a resume from a young lady who added that she played the violin. Now, by itself, that isn’t much and seems as though she were filling up space. However, the description said “A favorite amongst the residents for Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Played for their enjoyment whenever needed.” Wow! She had just added a personal touch that was linked back to the job at hand. Immediately, this person stuck out and, of course, she did get the job.

Although this isn’t all-encompassing, these three tips will really help to make your nursing assistant resume shine. If you are looking for more details, you can always check out the Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual on Amazon, and or you can check out our quick and dirty list of how to build the perfect CNA resume. Either way, please understand that interviewers know the difference between a resume that was thrown together and a resume that had a professional touch. They stick out in our minds and truly help to give you an extra bump in the rankings. So, don’t take it lightly and make sure your C.V. represents you in the best light as possible for that particular job.

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