Using a transfer belt sling

In preparation for your CNA Skills test, learn how to appropriately use the Gait-Transfer belt to ambulate your patient. Videos, tips and more.

Find out all the different positions that a patient could be placed in for your CNA practical skills test examination. Discover how, when and why you should place them in a particular position and hear from previous proctors on what they think.
CNA Skills Test set moving a pateint safely

So as to help prepare you for the vaunted CNA Skill Set Test, check out the proper procedures and advice on how to make an occupied bed. Includes videos, instructions and warnings.
CNA Tests and Skills Assessment

Is there such a thing as an Official CNA Exam? Find out what the NNAAP exam standard is and how this could help you when preparing for your CNA exams. Find out why we chose to make our CNA practice test a NNAAP type version.

Find out exactly what you need to do to become CNA by reading our list of the CNA requirements. Discover the difference between NNAAP and regular states here.
A certified Nursing Assistant who takes care of the elderly

Learn all about the steps involved in oral care for those patients that have teeth. This step is very important in your practical skills test because most people take it for granted but if you violate the sanitation rules, you will fail the test. It is therefore very important you understand the steps so that you don't do something wrong and fail.
Blood Pressure INstructions for the CNA Critical Assessment Portion of the Test

Another one of our Practical Exam Study Guide session, where you will learn how to measure the blood pressure of a patient and prepare for the CNA Exam.
Practice Skills test: taking someones pulse procedure

Prepare for your CNA practical exam portion by reviewing the necessary steps in order to count the respiration rate of your patient. Don't be fouled by the simplicity of this step for there are many little steps that people usually rush through and get docked points. So read our procedure and then check out the video showing you exactly how you should perform this step in your practical test.
Practice Skills test: taking someones pulse procedure

As another part of our CST practical sets, this article provides all the necessary steps to measure a pulse either through radial or apical. Learn the proper form and follow the right procedures. Then follow the video and see how a professional CNA does it. Ace this section and get even more prepared for the CNA SCT exam.
Practice Skills test: taking someones pulse procedure

Access our free comprehensive CNA Clinical Skills Test Study Guide which includes tips, tricks and recommendations that will help you pass the hardest part of the CNA Test. Access our resources, articles and videos showing you how to perform each task and how to increase your overall score.