Military Scholarship for CNA

The American Red Cross is offering a special Military Scholarship to those active duty or dependents looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The scholarship covers full tuition, books, materials, CNA practice tests, and 40 hour practical experience. So if you are military or a spouse of a previous military person, then check out how you can apply to get your tuition paid for.
Writing a CNA Cover Letter

The first thing a recruiter will see, is your CNA Cover Letter. Learn how to write the perfect CNA Cover Letter and impress your recruiter before they even see your resume. Learn how to stick out but still look professional. You CNA cover letter should be a direct reflection of who you are. So find out how you can stick out but still provide a thorough and clear cover letter.
The official CNA resume and cover letter guide

Writing your very own CNA Resume can be extremely successful. It's your first impression and to get the job, it needs to be a great one. Follow our proven steps to creating a top CNA Resume, and you will be ahead of your competition in no time. Lear the do's and don'ts to CNA resume writing and ensure your resume is the best.

In today's medical world, you cannot just be knowledge. You must display key qualities and maintain certain attributes to meet the challenges that lie ahead. By following our CNA Skills and Characteristics guideline, you can quickly improve your overall efficiency and effectiveness, while also improving the overall quality of life for you patients. Find out how you can become a better CNA.
Critical Skills Test partial bed bath

The need to provide proper medical care, especially among the elderly, has become a real issue for both the government and society as a...
CNA Skills Test set moving a pateint safely

Learn about the many CNA responsibilities that a nursing assistant must take to do their job adequately. CNA responsibilities range from medical, daily living to even entrainment. So ensure you understand what your future roles will be before you start.
Prepare for the CNA written exam by getting pracitce

A study guide is only as good as the means in which you use it. Make sure you are taking the appropriate measures with a study guide. This way you will increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Find out how you can improve your studies with a CNA Study Guide.
Assisting the Elderly is an important part to being a CNA

Access our recommended list of the top CNA Practice Tests on the market. Discover the difference between free and professional practice tests, and ensure you get the type of practice exam for your needs.
CNA Team Members doing what matters

The CNA Exam Cram team was assembled so as to provide the most up-to-date information on the CNA test. Through our team of CNAs, previous Test Proctors, and Instructors, we believe we created on of the best sets of CNA Pratice Tests, and Pretest.
The care of a CNA is priceless

There are many different so-called "Free CNA Practice Tests" out there. Find out about what CNA Practice tests are, why they are designed the way they are and how to determine the authority and authenticity of a CNA Practice Test.