What is a CNA Pretest

What is a CNA Pretest

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In some cases a CNA Pretest and a CNA Practice Test are the same thing. Both consist of example questions designed to mimic the actual CNA test questions. However, here at the CNA Exam Cram, they have two very important differences. Understanding the differences between the two will not only help you to better utilize the two exams, but will also help you to order and schedule your studies.

What is the CNA Pretest

The CNA Pretest is shorter version of a practice test that was designed to help a test-taker figure out where they stand and more importantly, what they need to study. It gives the test-taker and quick look at where their level of knowledge is and where they need to improve.  It is different from a CNA Practice Test because it is shorter and aims to help a test taker start their test preparations, not finish them.

So How Does one Start their CNA Studies

That’s simple: With a CNA Pretest.  Our CNA Exam Cram pretest was designed in a way to give you the initial start in preparing your CNA test studies.

This is how it works: When starting your CNA test preparations, you need to first develop a study plan. A good study plan should be a detailed list of the topics you need CNA Courses onlineto cover, to include vocabulary, certain subjects and in some cases, plans to practice certain nursing evolutions (this is for the practical portion of the exam).

However, how do you know what you need to cover?  Before you can write an effective study plan, you should first understand where you need to spend the most time. In some cases, nursing students have an issue with remembering key medical terms, or have issues understanding the legal and ethical practices. Therefore, you should ensure you take a Pretest so as to understand where your level of knowledge stands and which areas you need to improve in.

It is through a CNA Pretest, that you can discover your weaknesses and your strengths.  It isn’t as long as a Practice Test but was only designed to give you a head start in discovering where you need to spend more time in you test preparations.

The CNA Pretest Layout

Our pretest consists of 21 questions. Each category from the NNAAP has three questions in the test that should provide a representative result of your level of knowledge in each area. Once you have completed taking the pretest, you will not only receive a score, but will also receive a breakdown on each different category. From these categorical scores, you will be able to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Now that you have a breakdown of each category, you need to develop a study plan that will allocate more time and resources in those areas that you need more work on. If you got a lower score on the ethics and legal portion of the test, then perhaps you should spend more time reviewing that information.

Using this data, you should be able to create a top-notch study plan that will guide you to success.  The pretest was just the start and once you have completed your study guide, you will need something to help you gauge you level of knowledge.  This is where a full CNA practice test comes in handy.  Usually designed to mimic the official CNA test, these full length versions should give you the necessary results to help you decipher if you are prepared or not.


So remember that the main point of a CNA pretest is to develop an understanding of your CNA weaknesses. From your score, you should therefore create a personal study plan and allocates more time to your area of weakness and less time to your strengths. Through this method, you should be able to tackle any question types and efficiently prepare for the exam. Remember, you should take the pretest first and in the end, when you feel you are prepared, you should take the practice test.  This way you will know if you are prepared or not.

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