CNA Skills Set: Gait-Transfer Belt Use

CNA Skills Set: Gait-Transfer Belt Use

Using a transfer belt sling

In the next section of our CNA Skill Set Test Study Guide, we will be covering the procedures for the correct use of a Gait-Transfer to ambulate a resident.Practice Skills test: taking someones pulse procedure

The key thing to focus on for this practical performance is not only your patient’s safety but also yours. Use of proper techniques will help your back and ensure that the patient is in the best position so as to mitigate the risk of injury.

Remember, like all of our procedures, you should always start by entering the room, announcing that you are there and that you will be doing the procedure. Then wash your hands and verify that the room is prepped.

Gait-Belt Transfer Procedure

    1. Ensure you properly secure the Gait belt around the patients waste. Make sure to check with them as to whether or not it is comfortable.
    2. Place yourself in front of the patient ensuring that you have good footing and will be able to bear the load.
    3. Position the patient’s feet in between yours.
    4. Inform the patient that you will be placing your hands on the gait belt and place your hands there after their consent.
    5. Coordinating with patient, assist them in standing up while using the gait belt to pull up with them.
    6. Once the patient is up, move one of your hands to the side of the gait belt and place the other at the back of the belt.
    7. Once they are ready, begin assisting them in ambulating.
    8. Once they are done, safely return them to a chair, bed or any other acceptable place.

It is important to understand that if the patient begins to fall, do not attempt to stop the fall. This will cause too much pain and injury to yourself. Instead, ensure your feet are wide apart and bend at the knees and attempt to lower the patient to they fall. The key is to ease their fall and protect their head. If they have fallen, stay with them and call for assistance.

Video Exercise to Help you Visualize and Practice this Section

This video does pretty good job on showing the proper application of the Gait-transfer belt. However, we would like to point out that that nurse/CNA would have probably failed this practical factor. Notice that when she has her stand up, she isn’t positioned directly in front. Instead, she is to the side. Furthermore, if you are doing your skills test, make sure you announce to the proctor that you are locking the wheelchair wheels so as to prove that you have taken the necessary steps prior to assisting the patient.

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