CNA Skills Set: Moving a Resident from the Bed to the Stretcher

CNA Skills Set: Moving a Resident from the Bed to the Stretcher

CNA Skills Test set moving a pateint safely

Critical Skills Test partial bed bathIn the next section of our CNA Skill Set Test Study Guide, we will be covering the correct procedures for moving a resident from the bed to the stretcher.

This evolution requires the help of others and should never be done alone. So, if you are given this skills set, make sure you ask for the assistance of others to help. More than likely, you will need 2-3 others to help.

As it is with all procedures, you always want to start the evolution by entering the room, announcing that you are there and that you will be doing the procedure. Then wash your hands and verify that the room is prepped.

Moving a Resident from the Bed to the Stretcher

      1. Position the bed at a comfortable height for you and the others to work at.
      2. Ensure that the stretcher has been placed next to the bed and the wheels have been locked.
      3. Cover the patient with a privacy sheet, and remove the tops sheets by rolling them down the bed so as to minimize the spread of soiled material (in case there is any).
    1. Loosen the bottom sheet; since this will be the sheet you use to pull the patient over with.
    2. Lower the bed rail on the side that you are on.
    3. Checking again to verify the wheels are locked and the stretcher is along side the bed with the bed rail down.
    4. Have the other two personnel go to the other side of the bed and roll the edges of the bottom sheet towards the resident.
    5. Inform the patient that you will be moving them over to the stretcher and ensure they are ready. Once they are, coordinate with the other two helpers, grab the sides of the sheet and move the resident over to the stretcher.
    6. Ensure resident is comfortable and pending on your work place’s policies, strap them down.

Ensure that you are always with the resident and never leave them alone when you place them in the stretcher. This can be a sign of negligence, a serious offense.

Video Exercise to Help you Visualize and Practice this Section

The one thing we don’t like about this video is that the two nursing assistants didn’t use the appropriate technique so as to minimize any stress on the patients head. This is why it is recommended that you use 3 people. However, if you only have two, then ensure that you both spread your arms wide so as to disperse the force evenly along the body.

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