CNA Skills Set: Hand Washing

CNA Skills Set: Hand Washing

CNA Critical Skills hand washing

In the next section of our CNA Skill Set Test Study Guide, we will be covering the procedures for proper hand washing. This step is SUPER critical to master because it will be performed before every portion of the CST and although it may seem simple, understand that it could cause you to fail the test, if certain parts aren’t perform.

Lack of adequate sanitation practices, is an automatic fail. Washing your hands is the first step to stoping the spread of disease, and other contaminants.

Therefore, it is in your best interest that you take these steps seriously and perform them as such. Remember too that this form of indirect care is essential in receiving your certification:

  1. Ensure to wet your hands with warm water and apply soap. Water warm is better for removal of materials and germs.
  2. Ensure you work up a lather on both sides of the hand. Lather all portions of the hand to include the wrists, fingers, cuticles, and even under the nails. If a cuticle brush is available, then use this to get under the nails.
  3. Ensure you perform the above step for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Apply warm water to your hands to ensure you remove all soap. Make sure you fingers are kept lower than your wrists so as to ensure the soap completely drains off your hands.
  5. Use a paper towel to dry your hands, however, try to minimize the amount of contact with the paper towel.
  6. Use a paper towel to turn off the water. This is to ensure you do not contaminate your hands. If the water is foot-pedaled operated, then use that.

You are now ready to perform you next skill set.After you have completed washing your hands, you are now prepared to perform your next direct care Critical Skills test. Ensure that you attempt to minimize the amount of contamination that you receive while doing the next step and always be mindful of the spread of contamination or anything that might cause such.

In most cases, you will need to perform the hand washing procedure before and after your direct care critical skills objective. So, don’t forget to wash you hands again after you are complete. Washing your hands is to prevent the spread of disease, not just to your patient, but also to all of your patients.

CNA Practical Skill Test: Hand Washing/ Video

Some of the steps are worded differently in this video, but it still does a good job of discussing and showing the basics. Also, this video includes one of the cardinal rules that should be followed in every procedure: Introduce yourself and explain what you will be doing. Enjoy.

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