The Official CNA Study Guide Review

The Official CNA Study Guide Review


CNA Study GuideWe at the CNA Exam Cram have seen a plethora of CNA Study Guides come through our mailbox. Ever since self-publishing became a thing, many CNA study guides have flooded the market place, and thankfully, due to the persistence of some of the top CNA sites, they have been quickly noted as such and lost all sales. Any of these look familiar?

However, just recently, we were contacted by Aegis Group publishing and sent a copy of their latest works, The Official CNA Study Guide.

At first, we questioned this one as well, considering previous book review requests, however, talking with the publishing team, it became evident that they had really taken the time to put together an impressive collection of useful data.

Giving it a fair look by our team, we found the following:

The Official CNA Study Guide Review

The Official CNA Study Guide follows the form and structure of the NNAAP standard and boasts a strong 234 pages of incredible information.

This CNA Study Guide was designed with the idea that a study guide shouldn’t teach you new things…you’re certification course should have done that. Instead, it helps you to “efficiently and effectively” prepare for the CNA exam.

To help you get started, this CNA Study Guide provides a CNA Pretest to help you figure out exactly where you need to spend more time and how you should go about getting prepared. If you scored higher in one section, then the recommendation is that you will not study as much in that particular section. Instead, you should focus on the area in which you scored the lowest. This data can be extremely useful for those looking to begin the preparations.

After taking your pretest, the subsequent chapters are broken down into the core NNAAP CNA testing standard areas. Each chapter begins with a list of words to remember and quickly goes through all of the pertinent information for that section. Think of this like your cheat sheet for the important certified nursing questions.

Once you have completed all of the core areas for the NNAAP CNA testing standard, you will then be able to go over the Critical Skills Test portion. This portion starts by giving some incredible insight into what to expect and how to prepare. Then after that, you will have access to their Practical Skills Test performance procedures.

Now, they call this a set of Flash Cards, but it really isn’t. Instead, they just set up the procedures on separate pages so that you look at one without seeing the other CNA procedure. Then once you have practiced reciting the procedure from memory, you can flip the page and check your answers.

The CNA Study Guide Practice Test

Let’s face it. This is what you probably bought it for, right?
Well, it won’t disappoint.

To tell you the truth, we absolutely love this practice test. Unlike many of the other practice tests out there, this one does an incredible job of presenting difficult questions that are indicative of the current NNAAP testing standard.

Furthermore, this exam also includes explanations to the answers. This alone can be an incredible asset, and as you can see from our practice quiz, we are big fans of those practice tests, that actually take the time and explain to the test taker why a certain answer was right and why a different option is wrong.

CNA Study Guide Pricing

This one is really easy to go over.

Simply put, out of all of the other legitimate CNA Study Guides out there, this one is by far the cheapest for the level of quality.

Although you can get a cheaper paperback copy of one of the others CNA study guides, the ebook version of this one is much cheaper than the rest.

Is it the Best CNA Study Guide

Surprisingly, yes!

When we were first presented with this book request by Aegis Group, we were hesitant. However, after getting a copy and quickly checking out its layout and level of detail, we realized it was definitely going to be worth our time…and it didn’t disappoint.

It is one of the cheapest of the CNA study guide, provides the most information out of them all, structures the material perfectly and even provides the best set of practice tests on the market.
Therefore, this book gets our full recommendation and has even caused us to change your review of the best CNA Study Guides to include this CNA Study Guide as the #1 best study guide for Certified Nursing Assistants.

Pretty strong recommendation? Yup…there’s a reason for that.

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  1. To whim it may concern, what do I need to do in reNewing my cna certified that I receive along time ago. I Stop working and didn’t keep my cna up date so what do I need to do.
    Annie robindon